Ramp service

Alyzia has been providing ground handling operations for more than 50 years, it know-how guarantee the punctuality of airlines, while respecting the safety and security rules required for air transport. authorized to use all the machines (tractors, belts loaders, pallet transporters, etc.) enabling the loading and unloading of all aircraft. Alyzia has a multitude of push adapted to different modes of towing and pushback related to airport infrastructures. With more than 3.900 ground support equipment, Alyzia is working hard to offer quality services to its customers.

Ramp activities

  • Marshalling and parking
  • Ramp to flight desk communication (headsets)
  • Push back or towing
  • Ground Power Unit
  • Air Start Unit
  • Cabin cooling and heating
  • Passenger stairs

Luggage handling

  • Handle in the baggage sorting area and in-flight delivery
  • Lost and found services
  • Re-routing of misplaced baggage
  • Oversize baggage (check-in, sorting area, in-flight)


Groupe 3S is the exclusive service provider for Paris Aéroport at CDG. At ORY, Alyzia is providing direct de-icing services to its customers with 4 brand new de-icing machine (Beta 12 years 2018). We provide also de-icing services in NTE LYS TLS BOD with 10 de-icing machines.